Bit slow on the uptake here (it's been a busy few weeks!), but yes, we won the BAFTA for Best British Short Film! It was a huge surprise, and we still can't really believe it. Our fellow nominees were all so fantastic, and we really didn't expect to walk away with the trophy. It was a wonderful night and we wish we could experience it all over again. 


A lot of people have been asking where and when they can see Operator - please keep and eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on this @OperatorShort


A big shout out to our Kickstarter supporters - we wouldn't have a film without you!

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And the BAFTA Nominees are...

On Friday morning we woke up to the news that Operator has been nominated for a BAFTA in the Best Short Film category!! Words cannot describe how shocked we were to find out we had made it onto the list of nominees. The competition is seriously fierce and we never in our wildest dreams thought this would happen to us. Our phones and inboxes have been going crazy since Friday when the news came in, and we are only recovering from a mad weekend now!


It's important for us to mention that this film has only been made possible by a huge amount of support and faith from our kickstarter supporters, not to mention the incredible talents and hard work of our crew. Thank you to our DOP Vanessa Whyte who made the film look so beautiful, and to our two stars, Kate Dickie and Vicky McClure whose performances have struck such a chord with everyone who watched the film.


We are so excited for the next month leading up to the awards and we're so happy that Operator has made it onto a grand stage! Roll on February 14th...

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Goodbye LFF...on to the next!

October 20, 2015

Well what a month it has been. The London Film Festival is now over and we enjoyed every minute of it. Seeing Operator up on the big screen so many times was such a treat, and people's reaction to it was incredible. Everyone was extremely moved by the performances of Kate and Vicky, and the atmosphere of the auditorium filled with tension, fear, and ultimately relief during the 6 minutes Operator was on. All the other shorts that Operator was screened with were top quality and so diverse; we felt honoured to be part of it.


Operator was nominated for Best Short, but sadly we didn't win. The awards ceremony was immense fun however, and you know what they say, it's the being nominated that counts!


Now that LFF is over, we can look forward to the next step for us, which is Colchester Film Festival this weekend! Being selected by Colchester is extra special for us because it is Caroline's home town, so thank you very much to Colchester for having us. We are showing at 5pm on Saturday in the Short Film Drama #2 screening.

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Thank you London Short Film Festival!

October 04, 2015

The good news just keeps on coming! We have been accepted into the London Short Film Festival (LSFF) 2016! We're so so happy to be part of another amazing and highly regarded London based festival - it means a lot to be able to show the film off in our (adopted) home town. The festival takes place in January next year, so if you're not able to see it at the London Film Festival within the next 2 weeks, then you will have a second chance :-)


Thank you to LSFF for accepting us - see you in the new year!

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Girl Power

September 29, 2015

We are very happy to announce that Operator has been selected by UNDERWIRE FILM FESTIVAL (London) and LA FEMME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Los Angeles). In Underwire we are nominated in the BEST SOUND DESIGN category, so congratulations to our Sound Designer, Lisa-Marie McStay!


Both these festivals celebrate and promote female filmmakers, with their films either featuring strong, interesting and complex female characters, or having a female heavy crew - or both in our case!


The statistics for female representation in the film industry are not great, for example in the 700 top-grossing films from 2007 to 2014, only 30.2 percent of the 30,835 speaking characters were female.


With people from Carey Mulligan to Meryl Streep calling out sexism in the film industry, the topic has never been more on the radar, and the conversation is only getting louder.

Festivals like Underwire and LA Femme exist to challenge the status quo, and to give female filmmakers the platform they need to get their voices heard.

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London Film Festival Calling...

August 31, 2015

I can’t believe I am typing these words but here goes…. WE GOT INTO LONDON FILM FESTIVAL!!!

That’s right, we are finally able to announce that Operator is part of the Official Selection at this year’s BFI London Film Festival. And not only that - we have also been nominated for the SHORT FILM AWARD!


We’ve had to keep the news to ourselves for about a month so it feels so good to let it out.


Thank you to all our Kickstarter supporters who made it all happen and thank you to our amazing cast and crew who worked so hard on the film – WE DID IT!

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We Got Into VIFF!

August 27, 2015

That's right, we can now announce that OPERATOR is part of the Official Selection at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival. The festival is between the 24th September and 9th October. The screening will be the WORLD PREMIERE!


We are so excited - thank you Vancouver for selecting us. Unfortunately we won't be able to fly out to Canada for the festival (unless anyone has any spare plane tickets on offer...?) however if anyone reading this is in Vancouver then please look out for the film and go see it!

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