An Emergency Services Operator in a Fire Control Room has just started a long night shift when she picks up a call from a desperate young mother. An hour previously, Gemma had fallen asleep in front of the television and has now woken to find the room full of smoke. Her three year old son is trapped in his bedroom upstairs. Flames have started to creep down the stairs that Gemma must use in order to reach him. The operator’s guidance is all that Gemma can rely on in order to survive.

The Process

The script is based on a real 999 call. When Caroline first listened to it, she was completely blown away by how terrifying it was. It became clear straightaway that the story would make a powerful film, and that we could really bring to the audience's attention what an amazing job the operators do, remaining calm and composed in such stressful situations.


The film was funded through Kickstarter and was shot over two days in London. We are currently submitting the film to festivals.